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Calling all Duke of Edinburgh Conference and Dialogue Alumni

Alumni Pop Up, London 6 to 8 May 2017

Edinburgh ConferenceA Commonwealth Study Conferences Alumni pop up gathering is being organised for CSCLeaders, ELD and CSC Alumni in London 6- 8th May. All are invited.

It is self-organised and we ran the first one of these last year. This year it is even more inclusive and has already involved input from ELD alumni and CSC Alumni. All alumni of these CSC origin programmes share a similar experience.

There is a mini tudy tour component with external inputs plus a peer bonding and support session. Last year we met in the House of Commons Library for the weekend, attended a dinner and a no utensils Indian dinner in the East End. There were some great people there and the best bit was hearing what they were up to and some of their challenges and opportunities.

We had people talking through their insurance industry start up, sharing the challenge of running the £11billion national Health System in Scotland, launching a film premier about human trafficking in Nepal and a host of other issues and opportunities.

I thought the most impressive component, and the most useful, was unpacking our various leadership journeys and contributing perspectives and personal experiences. 2017 will be similar but better and we have a range of speakers from a most senior British Foreign Office representative to a serial social entrepreneur.

If you are in London around that time you would be very welcome. This is very much a peer organised event so no hierarchy or particularly formal organisation. It runs outside of the structure of the UK Trustees and the Association of Emerging Leaders Dialogues so is selfdirected and fuelled…and next year we may even do it in a different country.

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