Future Dialogues

About CSCLeaders

CSCLeaders is a global leadership programme for 100 exceptional senior leaders selected each year from governments, businesses and NGOs across the 52 countries of the Commonwealth.

About CSCLeadersThe world faces challenges that transcend national boundaries, demanding smarter, more inspired and globally connected leaders.

Now in its fourth year, CSCLeaders assembles exceptional senior leaders from across the Commonwealth to tackle Challenges, build the global relationships and develop the Cultural Intelligence needed by the leaders of tomorrow.

Each year, CSCLeaders brings together a unique group of high-calibre, talented leaders from different sectors, countries, cultures and backgrounds. Participants include board-level executives from global businesses, Chief Executives, Permanent Secretaries of Governments, Entrepreneurs, Pro-Vice Chancellors and civil society leaders. They all bring very different perspectives from across the Commonwealth, enriching discussions and debate and enabling innovative thinking and game-changing ideas to emerge.

CSCLeaders has run hugely successful programmes not just in the UK but in Commonwealth cities worldwide, broadening participants' horizons by exposing them to challenges and opportunities in diverse places. Previous cities include: London, Oxford, Manchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Bradford, Birmingham, Newcastle, Johannesburg, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Singapore, Toronto and Nairobi.

CSCLeaders is a partnership between the international leadership development organisation Common Purpose and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh's Commonwealth Study Conferences (UK Fund).


Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Canada and McGill University’s Institute for the study of International Development

Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Canada and McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development, is offering this innovative program which promotes relationship building and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through leadership collaboration and development.

Indigenous peoples seek a quality of life that other Canadians take for granted. These communities and other stakeholders can work together in a spirit of reconciliation to improve socio-economic conditions on reserve and attain the full potential of these talented yet marginalized peoples. Attainment of this potential is critical for economic development, the establishment of partnerships with industry, and maintaining strong relationships with other communities. Leadership is required to tackle these issues and help guide the country towards true reconciliation.

Over 6 days, this program will bring together 40 Canadian emerging leaders for three days of classroom work delivered by the Institute for the Study of International Development; and, three days of study tours on Vancouver Island. You will discuss challenges and strategies with leaders from band councils, business, labour unions, government departments as well as civil society organizations. This cross-sector approach will expose you to a range of issues from multiple perspectives, and will provide you with a unique opportunity to look beyond the scope of your regular context in your own organization and locale. The insights gained from these meetings will promote understanding, connection and inform your project work.

Please visit www.elscd.org


Africa-Canada Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue (ACELD)

Planning for the first Africa-Canada Emerging Leaders' Dialogue is ongoing and a date will be set in due course. In the meantime, ACELD committee members and Alumni in Kenya, with support from African countries and Canada, are working to organize a dialogue in the near future.


Proposed Emerging ASEAN Pacific Leaders’ Dialogue (EAPLD) 2018

HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne with a study tour group and The Emerging ASEAN Pacific Leaders’ Dialogue (EAPLD) 2018 is an event of national and regional significance is proposed to take place from Thursday 4 to Tuesday 16 October 2018 inclusive.

This fourth Pacific region residential leadership development program follows three prior Emerging Pacific Leaders’ Dialogues (EPLD’s) staged in 2006, 2010 and 2014 for future leaders representing business, government, trade unions, education and the community service sectors (including NGO’s) from some 22 countries/territories.

The aim of EAPLD 2108 is to strengthen the capacity of the region’s future leaders to manage challenges collaboratively, positively and creatively. On this occasion and for the first time, it is proposed that a small number of applications will also be sought from mid-career professional men and women from the 10 ASEAN countries plus Hong Kong.

EAPLD 2018 will reflect the long standing and highly successful three stages of conference delivery - 2 days of Opening Plenary, 7-8 days of study tours and 2 days of Closing Plenary. It is again expected that this leadership development conference will bring together some 120 successful applicants including representatives from Australia, New Zealand, 20 Pacific and 10 ASEAN countries and territories, including Hong Kong.

Bids received for the Opening and Closing Plenary locations from the Pacific region are currently the subject of considered formal evaluation and we expect to finalise these venues within the next month or so. Destinations for the ten separate study tours of 12/13 participants each are again planned to include Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

As for prior EPLD’s, it again expected the HRH The Princess Royal Princess will attend the Closing Plenary sessions and as Co-Chair will provide expert commentary on all the study tour report back presentations.

On line applications are expected to open in November 2017 for a period of approx 3 months via the soon to be established web site for AEPLD 2018.

For further information until the proposed EAPLD 2018 web site is operational, please contact:

Brian Pickett
Executive Director - EAPLD 2018
Cell: + 61 (0) 418 164 043 or Email: secretary@cscaustralia.com