Past Conferences

Australia 2003:
9th Commonwealth Study Conference

This theme was developed by a group of 1992 and 1998 Conference members and was framed against the following statements of rationale:

"As we embrace the 21st Century, notions of leadership and national sovereignty are being challenged.

Economic and societal responses to globalisation are still emerging and raising serious questions about the sustainability of traditional cultural, moral, political and legal frameworks.

The relationship between citizen, community, corporation and nation-state are changing, in both developed and developing countries. Individuals and their traditional institutions, including religious, governmental, legal, corporate and union are struggling to adapt.

Leaders must shape new roles and create and implement a clear vision for their institutions to help create a fulfilling, secure, fair and just future for those they lead in a global community.

The removal of barriers (including trade and communications) exposes, and at times, brings into conflict, inevitable differences in values, perspectives and aspirations within and between peoples and countries.

New approaches are needed that recognise the reality of globalisation whilst preserving the values that bind communities".

Melbourne Plenary Session
Clarendon Ballroom
Sheraton Towers Southgate
16 and 17 October 2003

Sydney Plenary Session
The Studio, Sydney Opera House
28 and 29 October 2003

101003.40 Study Tour Group One with (LtoR) Mr. Richard Warburton, Chair, Australian Organising Committee - HRH The Princess Royal - Sir William Deane AC, Conference Chair.


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